This website is designed in an attempt to link people that share the last name WITHEY, or the related Sur Names world wide! History's scribes had trouble agreeing about the spelling for hundreds of years! In one account, a father and his eight sons, all nine of them are buried in the same cemetery in England, all nine with the Sur name spelled differently on their headstones!! With everyone's help and input, we will attempt to create a database with family tree information, pictures, significant history of the name Withey, etc. Until then, please BOOKMARK this page, and return often. Search for your Withey family tree information, write down what you can, ask family members for Withey family names, relationships, marriages, children, addresses, birthdays, deaths, and the like. If your last name is now, or maiden name was Withey, get busy, write down that information, and email it to webmaster below or simply sign up as a member of our new genealogy web site and enter the information, pictures, histories etc yourself.

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